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Getting to know: Pete Leak, Liverpool Military Preparation College

20th February 2017 Highlight PR

Would you sleep in a tent for two weeks just to land your dream job?  MPCT Area Manager Pete Leak did, and he’s a shining example of self-motivation for our young learners.

Ever since the first Military Preparation College opened its doors way back in 1999, our staff have dedicated their time to supporting thousands of learners across England and Wales to build their fitness and self-confidence, and prepare for the future.

It’s this dedication that has allowed us to keep growing and help more and more young people achieve their goals each year.

Pete Leak, Area Manager of the Bangor, Liverpool and Wrexham colleges, has so far devoted 11 years to supporting MPCT learners. His passion and drive has enabled these three colleges to go from strength-to-strength since opening.

“For me, MPCT is the reason I get up in the morning. I believe in what MPCT does and through its alternative education approach, I can see all the amazing things that it is doing for young people.

“It’s about motivating our learners to start thinking about the positive elements of fitness, but also teaching them to focus on their academic side as well. It’s really important to have options in life.”

A lifelong love of fitness

Prior to joining MPCT, Mr Leak served in the Army and became a Lance Corporal; for him, it was the fitness element that made a career in the military so appealing.

With nothing similar to MPCT on offer to Mr Leak as a young boy, he had to rely on a hand-made punch bag and daily runs to ensure he was ready to pass selection at the age of 16. He later completed a PTI (Physical Training Instructor) course in the military, coming an impressive second in a class of 100 soldiers.

And this strong self-motivation that Mr Leak had at such a young age didn’t fade away in later life. It was when he left the Army to spend more time with his family that he first heard about MPCT.

“I just loved the sound of MPCT from the very beginning. When I spoke with MPCT’s founder Huw Lewis, I could just hear his passion and sense how much he believes in helping young people to reach their full potential. I knew immediately that this was where I needed to work.”

Determination to land his dream job

In 2006, a job opportunity with MPCT came up in Cardiff and despite being from the North of England, Mr Leak felt like he couldn’t miss it. With his family’s blessing, he headed for Wales, ready to embark on his journey with MPCT.

There was just one problem – he had nowhere to live.

“I thought stuff it, I’ll just take my tent!”

“So for the first couple of weeks I slept in the tent, would go to a local gym to shower and then go to work. I did it just to get my foot through the door - that’s just how much I wanted to work at MPCT, and luckily it paid off.”

A passionate belief in young people

Mr Leak has displayed outstanding levels of commitment to MPCT so far, and this is reflected in the success of the colleges he manages. Since opening just over one year ago, the Liverpool college, based at The Alima Centre on Sefton Street, has helped close to 100 young people.

“I passionately believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to push themselves and be the best they can be. I’m proud to be able to help prepare our learners for the future, and every day I’m inspired by their commitment, passion and enthusiasm.”

The Military Preparation College welcomes applications and enquiries from both prospective learners and parents and guardians. Information sessions are held every Thursday from 10am - 12noon and 2pm - 4pm. Those interested in finding out more can visit or call 08442 438438.


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