Military Preparation Schools

The Military Preparation Schools is the MPCT schools provision, which actively supports and complements all local school curricula and provides engaging, practical activities with expert advice and course information. The Military Preparation Schools are committed to engaging young people and preparing them for training, further education and employment, equipping them for post-16 and higher education.

We provide outstanding outcomes for learners. The engaging and active vocational based curriculum offers a diverse learning experience for our learners as they engage in Public Services certification in either Teamwork and Personal Development or Employability Skills. The level of outcomes cover both Level 1 and Level 2 at Award, Certificate, Extended Certificate or Diploma levels targeted towards each individual learner. This curriculum can complement existing mainstream education, or establish learning for those who have struggled with engagement and motivation. The duration of the programme is based on individual requirements and training can be delivered over a full week for EOTAS pupils or just a day for those looking to secure the Key Stage 4 qualifications.

The Military Preparation Schools will be involved in the Welsh Baccalaureate as many of the skills are natural ingredients of the delivery of our programme. Active learning lends itself to real life and meaningful scenarios enabling the learner to practice and apply skills such as planning, organizing, creativity as well as Teamwork. MPCT Instructors are able to develop those skills and choose appropriate context and aligning these skills to employability skills.



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Military Preparation Schools

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The curriculum is innovative and varied, designed for learners aged 14-16 who are in school and are interested in gaining an insight into life within the Armed Forces and other Public Services such as the Fire Service. The course is delivered through project and theme-based approaches with well-resourced learning environments.

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