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20th October 2016 Glenda Harding
MPS Bridgend learners after log run
Bridgend MPS took part in the yearly 24 hour log run for the Motivational Learning Trust. The schools learners who participated were Aaron Thomas, Brandon Jones and Jaydan Chick. Aaron completed the full 24 hours alongside the college students, he showed great maturity and determination throughout. Jaydan and Brandon finished the last 2 hours of the run and pushed the final team right to the finish line. 
The log run consisted of 3 teams with 10-12 learners in each, 4 were holding the log at any one time and changed over when needed. The 72 miles covered were over different terrain in Merthyr Mawr, Ogmore by Sea, Ogmore Castle and various locations around Bridgend. Aaron, Brandon and Jaydan helped raise over £50 adding to the total of £850.
"I felt really good knowing the run was for charity even though it was hard but it was amazing that everyone pulled together and worked as a team."
"It was good that we could help everyone on the last day, especially seeing everyone hurting and tired. It made me want to complete it even more."


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