Learner voice data shows proud results for MPCT

20th January 2016 Glenda Harding

We're extremely proud to share some data with your across all of our courses that was a survey taken from training providers in the UK on the 'Learner's Voice.'

Here's what they said about courses at MPCT:

Learners also felt that information provided to them before joining was of a very good or good standard. 89% said that staff were very good at helping them settle into their course and 84% said MPCT was very good at ensuring learners had all the correct equipment they needed.

The data is taken from all training providers in Wales and comes as a great compliment to MPCT in all that it endeavors to provide to our young people. For example, 82% said MPCT was very good at providing support for personal issues and 86% said they felt they got a very good amount of 1-1 time with their instructors to develop their training for future careers.

Coupled with our progression rate of 86%, you can rest assured that MPCT is doing everything it can to maximise the provision available.


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