Miss Furey

1914 28th of July,
A global war started where 9 million would die.
An Austro-Hungarian fired the first round,
This started the domino effect of soldiers hitting the ground. 
The Russians worked through Germany, Belgium, France,
Leading Britain to declare war on Germany without a second glance.
Europe engulfed by the smoke from the guns,
Bodies were shipped home to awaiting loved ones. 
The Russian government collapsed in 1917,
They dropped out of war, enough fighting they had seen. 

The Great War went on for 4 long years,
Many did not return and families shed tears.
Wives were now widows: children without dads,
The ultimate sacrifice made by those that had. 
>November 1918 the war came to an end,
No more death, no more tragedy, we don’t need to defend.
We remember the fallen, always in our mind,
2 minutes silence for the veterans deaf and blind.

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