Mr Bressington

Dear Mary,
How are you doing? Do you miss me?
Have you found out if our baby is a he or a she?
I miss you and the boys,
I miss having to clean up all their toys.
I miss having you in my arms,
Knowing you’re not in any harm. 
One lad is gone,
Private; think his name was Tom.
Bomb got him, we mourned this morning,
Bowing our heads after we’d fallen in.
It’s scary out here, I can’t think so well;
hearing all the bullets and shells. 
The screams of people going mad
People shouting for Mum and Dad.
I’m sorry, I don’t want to worry you
I’m doing well, I hope you are too.
I love you my sweet, see you soon,
I can imagine you looking at the moon. 
Give the kids a kiss from Daddy
And tell them I miss them madly.
I will see you, I love you so much,
I can’t wait to feel your touch

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