Mr Smith

I’m respecting every single British solider with their heads held up high; guns pointing to the sky, realising that your friend has just died.  Then I look to my right saw my brother’s eye, he didn’t blink, I didn’t think.   
Went running, sinking in mud, hands filled with blood.   I wish he could just resurrect from the dead, but I look to my right instead.  Thought I could see his body once again, it must be pretend!  But it’s sitting on my mind once again; you could die in a blink of an eye.   Going to see grenades falling from the sky, artillery’s going to be shooting up in the sky; I’m not high.   Reload the Springfield, Headshot, he’s just died.
I’ll get that guy straight in the head.  I looked in the sky and said, that’s for you bro you might be dead, but I’m getting everybody in my sight instead.   This, a beat going from my head to the feet, you know us British we don’t take no defeat.  We’re the hardest when it comes to motivation on our feet; we are stuck on this beach.
Knees in blood it’s getting to tough and all these men standing around me; we treat each other just like we’re family.  They’re a part of my life, they sadly died, left scars on my mind; that why I’m writing this on a rhyme. 
It’s not a rap, pretty much like a poem in fact; then I’ll be running with my rifle and a bullet proof hat.  Actually, no stuff that, rip off the next guy’s head, think to yourself that’s the guy who killed your brother instead.  His face has left scars on my head, so I struggle to get to sleep sometimes.  So I close my eyes then I see bullets flying from left to right; hell isn’t the word for tonight.
Note, that if you die that’s the end of you in world war 1 then your son’s going to be in world war 2, then world war 3 is going to be coming after me; so I start running.  I look back then look forwards then it’s too late, you look down its ticking it’s a mine.   My mind stopped I felt like I was going to drop, then you realise this is real life; it’s not fake, the bullets are’t blanks.  There are a lot of trenches and millions of tanks, so I wish you all the best from me; wait and see, let their whole army come after me.

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