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5 top tips to stay healthy over winter

19th December 2016 MPCT

Staying healthy is highly important, especially as the days grow colder and nights draw in. However, it’s not all about making you look your best (although that might be what motivates you). Being healthy can improve your ability to learn, keep mental health in as good a state as possible and of course boost fitness levels.

But staying healthy doesn’t mean you have to rigidly count calories or go for a 10-mile run every day. What we encourage at MPCT is a balanced lifestyle, a positive mental attitude, and the motivation to be the best you that you can possibly be.

To make this easier, we’ve come up with 5 top tips to help you stay healthy over winter.

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Just because you aren’t as hot in the winter, doesn’t mean you should drink less. There is still a risk of dehydration, and it is harder to spot the warning signs. You might not feel thirsty or notice yourself sweating, but your body still needs water. Both women and men should aim to drink around 2 litres a day, especially before and after exercise.

  1. Take regular exercise

Doing exercise doesn’t mean you have to head outside and freeze in the winter weather. There are many different ways to ensure that you get your required daily dose of physical activity – even from the comfort of your home. Press ups, sit ups, squats and jumping jacks, are all examples of activities that can be done in the smallest of rooms. Want to step it up a bit? Take a look round your house for items that can be used as weights. We recommend tins of baked beans or bags of flour! 

  1. Stay positive

It’s important to stay positive throughout winter. The dark days and cold temperatures can take their toll on mental attitudes. But, to avoid wasting time counting down until summer, it’s vital to have something big to aim for until the weather improves. Why not make the St David’s Day Run your first goal?

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

Experts reckon we should all have around 7 – 9 hours’ sleep a night. Yet on average, the majority of us only get 6 and a half. A lack of sleep can cause low moods, lack of motivation and lower maximum working potential. More importantly, it can put you at risk of serious medical conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Follow your hibernating instincts over winter and allow yourself to have much needed extra sleep.

  1. Have hearty, yet healthy, meals

It can be extremely tempting to indulge in treat food over the winter months as a form of comfort – especially around Christmas time. However, it’s essential to keep eating well this season, in order to give your immune system a boost to help avoid the dreaded winter colds. Rest assured, eating well doesn’t have to be boring. You can easily incorporate your five-a-day into hearty meals such as stews, pasta dishes and curries.

At MPCT, fitness and health is at the heart of everything that we do. So far we’ve helped over 10,000 young people reach their individual fitness goals and we plan to continue offering support and guidance, in hope of seeing more learners thrive physically and mentally.

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