MPCT Centre Manager, David Atkin is a finalist. | English Veterans Awards 20

5th August 2020

We are delighted to share the wonderful news that David Atkin, Centre Manager of Military Preparation College Battersea has been nominated for the “Role Model of the Year” English Veterans Awards 2020.

David Atkins comments on finalist news

We do the job we do because of our passion to help, motivate and educate our Learners, so that they maximise their potential and progress into their chosen careers, either the military or elsewhere.

to be recognised for that and shortlisted for such a prestigious award is an honour. All members of staff at MPCT change lives on a daily basis and we all act as role models to our Learners.

David Atkin, Centre Manager MPCT Battersea
David Atkin, Finalist The Veterans Awards England.

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