Defence Employer Recognition Award Gold

10th September 2019

MPCT is honored to receive this award from the Ministry of Defence.
The Protection Employers Remuneration Scheme (ERS) awards and recognizes UK employers for their support and commitment to protection. The scheme includes bronze, silver and gold awards for organizations that promise, show or support support for the defence and community of the Armed Forces and align their values ​​with the Armed Forces Covenant.

MPCT is always aligned with military values ​​and is committed to employing and supporting veteran personnel. All executive members of staff in MPCT are veteran. Many of the staff are also Funders.

MPCT has received a Silver award every year since 2014. In 2017, MPCT was not only awarded an award, but the college also sponsors the Youth and Devil Prize, with Mrs Barbara Hemmings earning that category for her work in Youth activities focused on Engineering Technology and Engineering Technology. We are now the proud recipients of a GOLD award.

Certificate Armed Forces Covenant

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