ISO 0026

5th February 2019

“Achieving excellence for all” – MPCT Mission Statement

Since its inception in 1999, MPCT has been committed to providing the highest quality education and training programs to young people across the UK. MPCT has always endeavoured to develop and enhance all educational experiences and the ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to consistent quality management.

The ISO standard describes a ‘Quality Management System’ as: “a management system designed to direct and control an organization with regard to quality.”

The scope of MPCT’s QMS is the design and delivery of education and training to students, including support services.

This ensures that all aspects of MPCT’s operations, that directly or indirectly relate to education and training, including support services, are part of the college’s QMS, and are therefore subject to evaluation and review. The effectiveness of the Quality Management System is monitored through a process of internal auditing, student feedback, and the analysis of that feedback and management review. Feedback from staff, who are integral in the application of the various components of the QMS, alerts the Quality Manager to potential problems and appropriate and timely revisions are made to correct the deficiency. Areas of non-conformance are addressed by raising corrective action requests and areas of potential non-conformance are addressed by initiating a preventive action request.


In November 2018, MPCT undertook integrated ISO audit and certification for 3 ISO standards. These 3 standards comprise of ISO9001:15, 14001:15 and 27001:11. These standards cover Quality Management Systems (QMS), Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). This is significant, as although the ISO standards share a common framework, they cover the full range of operational aspects of MPCT.


During the QMS audit, all MPCT processes, procedures and policies were stressed to ensure they are fit for purpose and support the quality of our provision, and leadership and management structures. The EMS audit measures the extent of the impact MPCT has on the environment. This includes how MPCT plans, reacts to, and mitigates against environmental incidents and emergencies. The ISMS audit assessed how well we protect, handle, store and dispose of information assets. This includes digital media and information, hard copy information and physical resources, assets and buildings.


A chief benefit of completing this kind of audit is that MPCT has a comprehensive integrated quality, environmental and information management system. This results in a truly joined up approach to management.


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