Latest CEO update on our response to the Coronavirus emergency

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Dear Parents/Carers,

This has been and continues to be an unprecedented time due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. We have all played our part in adhering to the guidance and limitations as set out by the Government; in order to mitigate the common spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable within our society. This in turn, has helped support the NHS from being overwhelmed and more able to manage the virus and treat patients who require hospitalisation.

The virus has not yet gone and will likely be with us for some time to come and we all still have a part to play, by following Government direction.  As many of you will know, the Government has now released detailed guidance to schools, college and training providers to support a full re-opening from September 2020.

MPCT staff continue to move through our planned phased return to work/college approach and are receiving Learners back into their respective Centres. We are now moving into Phase 5 of our approach, where we are preparing to welcome all of our Learners back into full time delivery from September.  This is as a result of both the Government and Department of Education’s advice and guidance.  In doing so, this will enable us to offer our Learners support with their development within our curriculum whilst maintaining their overall wellbeing.

Government research has shown that the risk to children and young people themselves of becoming severely ill from coronavirus is very low, and there are adverse health implications of being out of education. Learners time spent within MPCT  is key to their preparation for their chosen progression route.

With this in mind, we have been preparing a detailed plan, taking into account the recent guidance issued.  This plan includes a detailed risk assessment to ensure the safe management of the MPCT Centres and environment in which the staff and Learners operate in; to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

I would like to reassure you, that MPCT will continue to follow all government guidance.  The health, safety and wellbeing of all our Learners and staff will remain the highest priority.

The government guidance is very clear in its expectation that all children return to education in September.  Attendance will therefore be mandatory from the beginning of the Autumn term, with the exception of a small number of Learners who remain under the care of a specialist health professional and are unable to attend due to following clinical or public health advice.

If any Learners fall within this category, we will continue to support them however; we will require evidence from their GP/Consultant to this effect.

In addition; if you have any concerns about your child’s return to full time delivery in September, please contact our Learner Support Team via our website.  MPCT will regularly evaluate and review their processes in order to assess health, safety and adapt to any local or national restrictions that may affect a specific Centre, area or region. 

There will be a few Centres that may remain in Phase 4 with Learners returning for a few days per week, due to continued local site or area restrictions.  Our staff will keep their Learners informed of any specific controls that may affect the locations they attend and if any changes are due to take place.

We are following the Department for Education and Government guidance on the use of PPE in schools. The majority of staff in education settings will not require PPE beyond what they would normally require for their work, even if they are not always able to maintain a distance of 2 metres from others. PPE is only required in a very small number of cases including:

  • If Learner or person becomes unwell with symptoms of coronavirus while in their Centre and needs direct personal care until they can return home.
  • If Learners  whose care routinely already involves the use of PPE due to their intimate care needs and should continue to receive their care in the same way, or where direct contact is for a prolonged period.
  • A fluid resistant surgical mask should be worn by the Instructor and face shield if a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained. If contact with the learner is necessary, then disposable gloves, mask should be worn.
  • PPE is available for all staff to use. This includes single use sterile face masks/re-usable face masks/gloves/plastic visors. All staff will follow guidance on the putting on/removal of PPE before use.
  • We will also be adhering to any localised or national restrictions that may be put in place. To support this, part of our operational plans will have 4 states or readiness we have in place which will ensure that we adapt to the correct control measures at the right time:

These four states are;

FM1 – No restrictions – follow controls measures to ensure good hand/face hygiene, no contact, maintain social distances set for activities. Individual preference on wearing face shield/mask is permitted.

FM2 – Localised restrictions due to spike in COVID-19 virus within community – face shields/masks recommended when moving around centre. – No shield/masks required in class (but individual preference on wearing face shield/mask is permitted), or outside with social distancing in place as required for activities such as physical activity and sport.

FM3 – Face shields/masks to be worn within all indoor settings. Staff to wear face visor/face mask – No face masks to be worn for any physical training activities to support MPCT’s risk assessment processes for PT.

FM4 – Site closure due to local/national lockdown, advised by local Public Health Teams (PHT)/Government – Return to MPCT Virtual Learning Environment Phase 0 until restrictions lifted.

The return to full delivery within MPCT where practicable will commence on the 7th of September for all staff and Learners.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and positivity throughout this period; we are very much looking forward to welcoming all our learning community back full time, in September.

If the government position changes and new guidance is issued we will keep you informed via the website.

Kind regards,

Huw Lewis

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