GCSE Maths and English

After successfully completing your level 2 Functional Skills English and/or Maths qualification, you will then have the opportunity to progress onto GCSEs.

Perhaps you didn’t achieve grades A*- C at school/college. Don’t panic; you will have the opportunity to improve your grade alongside your other course activities.

By studying GCSE English and/or Maths you will continue to develop your literacy and numeracy skills which are essential for everyday life, preparation for employment and higher levels of study.  They will therefore help you to achieve your goals and progress to the next stage of your personal journey.

GCSE Maths

This qualification aims to provide learners with a broad course of study and encourage confidence in, and a positive attitude towards mathematics.
It should therefore enable learners to:

  • develop fluent knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts
  • acquire, select and apply mathematical techniques to solve problems
  • reason mathematically, make deductions and inferences and draw conclusions
  • comprehend, interpret and communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms appropriate to the information and context

GCSE English

This qualification aims to ensure learners are confident with Standard English and apply this effectively by reading and writing fluently.
It should therefore enable learners to:

  • read a wide range of texts , fluently and with good understanding
  • read critically, and use knowledge gained from wide reading to inform and improve their own writing
  • write effectively and coherently using Standard English appropriately
  • use grammar correctly, punctuate and spell accurately
  • acquire and apply a wide vocabulary, alongside a knowledge and understanding of grammatical terminology, and linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language.

In addition, it must enable students to:

  • listen to and understand spoken language, and use spoken Standard English effectively.

Spoken language will be reported on as part of the qualification, but it will not form part of the final mark and grade.