If you’ve been advised to book a Fitness Assessment day with MPCT by your Armed forces careers team, then you’ve come to the right place! The MPCT Fitness Assessment Day is designed to ensure that you meet the required physical fitness standards in readiness to attend the Army Assessment Centre, or to find out if you need any support to enable you to meet those standards. You’ll join in with MPCT learners and carry out a physical assessment designed to confirm your levels of fitness. MPCT’s ex-military fitness instructors have a wealth of experience in supporting people just like you on their journey into the Armed Forces. MPCT will then feedback the results to your recruiter or careers adviser.

To arrange your appointment visit

If you’ve already made an appointment here are some useful points to remember when you attend your Fitness Assessment Day:

  • You’ll need to arrive in time for a 13:30 start
  • Don’t forget to wear your kit – wearing appropriate gear could make all the difference to your performance on the day!
  • You’ll join in with our learners and carry out a physical assessment allowing you to confirm your levels of fitness in readiness for your military application process
  • After your assessment we will feedback the results to you recruiter or careers advisor who will then support you

Please note: you will be required to complete a health screening form which will be issued via email and must be completed prior to attending.

If you require any more information then you can call our Support Team on 0330 111 3939 and they will happy to help.

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