About us

Did you know that a young person today is likely to change employers as much as 7 times over their work life and 5 of those changes will be into jobs that don’t exist yet?  How do you prepare for that level of uncertainty?  What skills will you need?  At the Motivational Preparation College Scotland (MPCS), we bridge the gap between education and employment by building the skills and confidence required to thrive in the emerging labour market.


We use a military style training model and ex-military personnel to create a unique environment in which we teach you metaskills, then let you explore, develop and adapt these skills to your needs.  Our programme is not one-size-fits-all.  We recognise that every young person has different needs and strengths, we just create the conditions for you to make the best version of yourself.  We operate a roll-on, roll-off programme that is flexible to your career progression.  Interested, why not give us a call?