MPCT presents: our very own Stable Belt

8th August 2018

The origins of the Stable Belt derive from the cavalry, they were placed over the saddle for extra security in keeping the saddle in place. In the turn of the 20th Century, it became popular for soldiers to wear neckties in their regimental colours for less formal dress. The use of regimental colours spread quickly through the army and to the wool strapping used to make stable belts. The neck tie was eventually replaced with individualised stable belts representing one’s regiment by the 1950’s. It gave regiments a sense of unity and belonging, and brightened up the more dull uniforms of a post war Britain that still reminisced over the splendour of a Victorian Army. Ever since, a Stable Belt has come to represent what regiment you are and regiments across the British Armed Forces (as well as all over the world) have their own stable belts.

Tom Nicoll, Centre Manager of Military Preparation College Croydon created the idea that we should also have one, so our Learners can show and feel even more that they are part of and representing MPCT, if they wish to purchase one.

Our Stable Belts are now on sale, so don’t miss out! (they are not compulsory)

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