Caroline Ansell MP

11th December 2017

Caroline is a former teacher and school inspector and the mother of three sons. A Conservative activist for many years, Caroline was also a Meads Councillor on Eastbourne Borough Council, dealing with peoples’ problems, always endeavoring to maintain the best quality of life for local residents.

Caroline says, “To be the Member of Parliament for my home constituency is a real honour.

I have my roots in this community and so am best placed to seek its prosperity with a care, always, for those in need.

Living in the heart of Old Town, I love being involved in the life of the whole town. Our community has so much going for it and I’m determined to make it an ever better place to live.

I’ll work hard to create more jobs by supporting local businesses and fighting for better transport links.

I’ll work hard for a second runway at Gatwick, Wi-Fi on all our trains and investment in the A27 – all things that will help unlock the potential of the local economy.

Education is the driving force behind my standing as your MP. I was a teacher for 15 years and my expertise will help drive up standards in local schools – so young people can get the best possible start in life.

The NHS is precious to me and my family. When my son was diagnosed with a brain tumour, we didn’t have to ask how we’d pay for his treatment – because local nurses and doctors were there for us. I will fight to ensure everyone in our community receives the best possible care.

It is a privilege to represent my home constituency and I pledge to serve my fellow residents with enthusiasm and compassion.”

“MPCT invited me to become Patron of the College, a great honour which I was pleased to accept.

The Military College is recognised by OFSTED as ‘Outstanding’ and has a sterling record of inspiring and motivating young people with aspirations to serve in the forces and in service roles across society. I am passionate about the role of our armed forces play at home I am proud that the MPCT has a base in Eastbourne.

I have been delighted to be the guest speaker at Awards Ceremonies over the last two years. The MPCT can rightly be proud of the role it plays in preparing learners for their future careers and in some situations, turning lives around.

Listening to learners’ testimonies at these Awards and speaking later with their friends and families, it is incredible – moving actually – to know just what the College has meant to these young men and women.

I have always been impressed by learners’ focus and their commitment to pursue their personal best; having been a teacher for many years before taking up my seat in Parliament, I know that resilience, never giving up, is often that which marks out those destined to succeed and in building this essential attribute, the MPCT excels”.

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