Major General David Wilson CB CBE

11th December 2017

David runs his own consultancy company specializing in strategic leadership and crisis management. Associated with a number of different consultancy organisations, he divides his time between providing emergency management within the nuclear sector and working with clients keen to improve their corporate leadership.

Prior to 2009 he worked abroad on a three year assignment with the United Nations in Afghanistan where he served as Director of a country-wide security and stabilization programme focused on disarming and disbanding illegal armed groups. He had previously undertaken consultancy work on behalf of the United Nations Office of Constitutional Support in which he advised the Iraqi Interim Government on civil/military aspects for inclusion in the new Constitution.

However, the majority of his working life was spent in the Armed Forces and, most often, he was to be found leading, training or supporting both conventional and unconventional forces ( military and police, national and international) in politically sensitive, high profile and frequently high risk operations and training deployments worldwide. Routinely engaged in national crisis response management and contingency operations at home and abroad, he is well-versed in formulating and delivering policy advice at ministerial, foreign heads of government and senior corporate level.

Widely experienced in security policy, he was a regular UK Delegate to international counter-terrorist working groups and seminars, co-chaired the Kosovo Security Committee and, as a civilian, became a permanent member of the UN Security Management Committee in Kabul, Afghanistan.

His more senior service appointments included: Chief of Staff to NATO’s Commander Joint Headquarters North, Senior British Military Adviser to Commander United States Central Command, Commander United Kingdom Amphibious Forces and Commandant General Royal Marines. He was also privileged to have commanded the Special Boat Service, 45 Commando Group, 3 Commando Brigade and the United Kingdom/Netherlands Amphibious Force.

A former Director of Personnel and past President of the Admiralty Interview Board, he was a regular guest speaker at the NATO School in Oberammergau and, prior to leaving the Service, was nominated by the United Kingdom’s Chief of Defence staff to NATO’s Senior Mentor and Concept Development Programme. He currently holds the representational appointment of Colonel Commandant Royal Marines.

Happily married to Leslie for over forty years and a father and grandfather, his interests involve people, history and anything involving water or mountains.

“An organisation with limitless potential for diversification and expansion (nationally and internationally) which clearly understands its remit, delivers on its promises and represents a sound investment. A thoroughly convincing, well-lead and motivated team which continually seeks to refine and improve how it goes about its business.

Remarkably adept and efficient at what it does, MPCT makes a genuine, relevant and starkly impressive contribution to society in general and young people in particular. It encourages better citizenship, extols the values and virtues which promote success and, in consequence, helps young people to become more confident and thus better able to confront life’s challenges and fulfil their expectations. This is all about engendering self-belief.

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