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Steve Williams

20th March 2018

Steve Williams was born in St Asaph in 1969 his Hometown is Denbigh. He served in the Army for 23 years having joined the Army as a Junior Soldier in Cwrt-Y-Gollen (Crickhowell) in 1985, he served with 1st Battalion The Royal Welch Fusiliers, later to become The Royal Welsh for the duration of his career and serving in the UK and on international exercises and on Operational tours he left in 2008.

He retired from service after his injury and medical complications, which resulted in a below knee amputation and he felt he could no longer do what he wanted in regard to his future in the Forces due to his reduction in his physical capabilities and mobility.

Whilst in the Army Steve performed a variety of leadership and challenging roles both within the Regiment and on posting from Company Sergeant Major (CSM), Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant (RQMS), Welfare Officer and Regimental Careers Management Officer (RCMO).

On leaving the forces Steve joined MPCT as the Area Manager for North Wales and the knowledge he has learnt throughout his forces career, was put to good use in enabling the Managing Directors vision for the Company to be implemented further.

Steve was made a Director (Director of Operations for MPCT) in 2009 responsible operationally for all the college locations.

In 2010 unfortunately and frustratingly due to some complications still from the original injury and infection he had to undergo an above knee amputation reducing his mobility further.

In 2013 Steve moved to the role of Director of Risk Management for MPCT focusing on H&S, Safeguarding and Welfare.

Steve is thankful that he is part of a team that is making a positive impact supporting young peoples’ lives to empower them to reach their personal goals.

He fully supports the Motivation & Learning Trust (MLT) seeing the benefit to groups enabling them to take part in educational visits they would other wise not have been able to attend as well as to individual support for some learners as required.

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