Miss Chinnock

We think of you in silence,
We often speak your names.
But all we have are our memories,
And your pictures in frames.
Your resting places we visit
And put flowers there with care.
But no one knows the heartache,
As we turn and leave you there.
Thank you to your kind hearted souls,
For everything you’ve done.
Not sleeping on late night patrols,
Staying wide awake till sun.
If it wasn’t for you that saved us,
We would be long gone.
Slaving away for someone,
Through dusk and day till dawn.
Our hearts and thoughts go out to those,
Who lived through your life and death.
We’re here today to help them through,
With each and every breath.
ou will continue to stay in our minds,
Until it is our end.
Through each and every moment,
When we ourselves ascend.

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