Miss Parry

Tired and weak
They shiver in silence.
Rifle in hand
Awaiting the violence.
An inhumane nature,
Their thoughts are their friends.
A group of young soldiers
With families to defend.
Corporals and Sergeants
With plenty to say,
Screaming ‘There’s only so much
They can give us a day’.
Letters to mothers
Convincing them they’re fine.
But numbers of deaths
Are crossing the line.
Night times are tough,
In the trenches of war.
Recovering from injuries,
So tender so sore.
Silence will break
Until shots will be fired.
Another man dead
Forgotten, retired.
The brothers of battle
Will continue through the years,
Never forgotten
Their hard work, their tears.
Those soldiers who fought,
So loyal, so grand.
Will continue to sing,
The song ‘Homeland’.

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