Mr Cowdery

They used to come here
The young and naïve,
Boys with ambition
Who yearned to achieve.
MPCT took boys who were keen,
Made them respectful
Part of a team.
They helped them develop
And taught them to train,
Making them realise
No gain without pain.
The weak and the timid
The brave and the strong,
All came as strangers
But now they belong.
Gone are the tantrums
Away with the toys,
Now there are soldiers
Where once there were boys.
Trained and efficient
Smart and sincere,
A force to be proud of
No weakness or fear.
They fight to defend us
Protect us from harm,
When terror surrounds us
It’s they who stay calm.
So let us remember
The debt that we owe,
To staff and instructors
Who helped them to grow.
Not all our brave soldiers
Can find their way home,
But all who have fallen
Are never alone.
They’ll always be with us
For them we can dream,
Military College
Forever a team.

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