Mr Giltinan

A family is crying knowing that their son is dying on the battle field where the guns are shooting and bullets are flying.
People shouting getting excited, but one is lost and no one in sight,
Just a light where he can’t sleep at night.
All gone the dust passes my friend on the floor, and I drop to my knees now and I know now where my heart is.
A bomb goes off limbs flying the battlefield is silent,
The floor shakes as the tanks move and the ground brakes,
The sound of thunder as I’m trembling in the gutter,
Nowhere to live just a shelter with no mother,
Left to fend for himself with no money or food,
All he wants is a house with one room,
Just a hard floor to sleep on the battle field,
No pillow just his hand to lay on,
As his mind play tricks on him,
As he closes his eyes he jumps,
He sees his mate in his dreams,
Talks to him but no sound comes out,
Just a whisper of the bullet that blows his insides out.

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