Dimitri Dowsell

9th January 2018

Mr Dowsell joined MPCT Rhymney in June 2015 with a goal of enlisting into the Royal Navy however after spending some time in the college Mr Dowsell felt he would be better suited as an RLC soldier. Whilst on the course Mr Dowsell demonstrated excellent core values such as robustness on physical training, dedication in his exceptional attendance at the college and pride in his parade kit and working dress.

After completing the initial 26 week engagement class Mr Dowsell was progressed onto the B-Tec Level one course where he would study public services for a short time. During this time he would achieve his award. Mr Dowsell also gained qualifications in application of number and communications during his time in the college. Mr Dowsell continuously performed to a high standard being particularly noted for his strong work ethic, attention to detail and respectful attitude towards his peers and staff. Mr Dowsell has now achieved his goal of entry into the Royal Logistics Core and is doing very well indeed.

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