Evan Lessels

9th January 2018

I’m Evan Lessels, I joined MPCT Gloucester in July 2015, I joined after completing my A Levels to boost my fitness levels to join the RAF as a Logistics Mover.

At first I was apprehensive about the fitness here at college, as I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up, however with excellent guidance and structure from Staff Grillo I found my weaknesses and they helped me to beat my targets despite his needs to help the rest of the learners. The best part of the college in my opinion was the morale. If I ever felt down or needed support the Staff were always there to help, and I have never had a day here that hasn’t been boring and there has always been an element of fun added by the staff. Also the instruction on military skills such as Fieldcraft has been of high quality due to the experience gained by Staff Trewinnard and has helped me in my preparation for the RAF.

I am due to start training in the RAF on 26/04/2016 and I know I couldn’t have got to this stage without MPCT.


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