Jack Goody

9th January 2018

Mr Jack Goody passed selection with a C Grade and will be joining the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers in March 2016. Mr Goody joined the college on 21st September 2015. During the course he has achieved a level 2 award in employability. Mr Goody is the joker of the Wolverhampton pack. In the past few months he has knuckled down and has achieved his dream of joining the REME. Mr Goody has expressed his time at the college has been hard work and determination on his part. With the help of the instructors Staff Evans and Staff Simeon he would never have been able to join. Mr Goody had been struggling with his required weight to join and the staff at the college pushing him in the right direction, he says he would have been waiting another six months to progress if it wasn’t for the direction from the staff.

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