Jack McQuillan

9th January 2018

I’m Jack McQuillan and I joined MPCT on the 17th August 2015.

I joined the college to help get a feel of military life and to improve my fitness ready for when I start training in the RAF as a Weapon Technician on the 29th June 2016.

When I first joined the college, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get fit and keep up but I soon found that with the great guidance and help from the instructors, I helped address my weaker points and built on them to become a fitter and better person. Aside from the PT everyone at the college was very supportive and helpful and if I ever had a problem I could always talk to someone whether it would be the staff or my friends, I always had someone to talk too.The best part of the college in my opinion was the way we were all like a close knit family, even the staff were regarded as friends whilst being treated with the utmost respect, they knew how to engage with us and make the lessons and PT as fun and interesting as possible and where possible they would have a laugh with us. As a whole, MPCT has helped me reach my goals and helped set me up for a career in the Royal Air Force and I don’t think I would’ve stuck at it or even got this far without the help of MPCT.


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