Joe Davenport

9th January 2018

Hi my name is Joe Brian Davenport. I joined MPCT in November 2014. I was in the British Army at AFC Harrogate. But sadly got medical discharge after a week of being there. So I decided to come back to MPCT to carry on with my fitness and try again with the army. Since been here I have gained my level 1 in my Maths and my level 3 in English. Also I have gained my level 2 in public services as well.

When I started MPCT I have very low fitness in running and strength I couldn’t even do a press up also I was running my 1.5 miles in 13:50. But over the months I have seen progress with my strength and my running, now I can do up to 30 press ups without stopping. Also my running has gone down quite a lot. I’m running my 1.5 in 12 minutes. That is a huge improvement. The time here at MPCT has giving in an insight of what the army is and what I will expect during my training and career. I have been on trips with college on OP Sandy Dune. Where we were learning how to admin ourselves in the field, how to set up a shelter and learn how to do a stag and recce patrol. I have made many friends at the college

I’m leaving MPCT for my phase 1 training which will be at Winchester on the 23rd of May for 14 weeks. I will be doing driving for the Royal Logistics.


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