Kai Weaver

9th January 2018

I am Kai Weaver and I joined MPCT Gloucester in July 2015, I joined after passing my recruitment test and having my application on pause.

I came to the college being not very fit and was worried I wouldn’t be able to cope but upon arriving I found out that the fitness levels were very varied and I wasn’t as unfit as I thought. As I progressed I could see and feel my fitness levels increasing thanks to the effort and dedication by all the staff to help us improve. I also learnt a lot about the military that I didn’t know, I heard what it was really like from the staff’s experiences and how they coped with training. I also learnt a lot of little techniques that will help me in training from Staffs Trewinnard’s military skills lessons and staff Grillo’s PT lessons.

I am due to start training on the 5/9/2016 for the Royal Marines, I know that without the help and support from the MPCT staff and learners I wouldn’t have got this far.


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