Kieran Chapman

9th January 2018

I joined MPCT October 2014 did my PRMC for the Royal Marines January 20th 2015 and passed.  I then started royal marines training on June 1st 2015 and passed out July 15th 2016.  All of this was made possible by the help and tuition of the staff at MPCT.

The main one for me was fitness because I don’t think I would have passed PRMC without it physical training we got from the staff at MPCT.  It also helps with everything from navigation, prelims, battle drills etc. all skills you will learn during training so is ideal to have a head start.

I also know 3 more from a MPCT one of which has passed out the troop in front of me, the other two; one is week 26. the other week 28 so if you’re looking to join any sort of forces then would definitely recommend MPCT.


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