Kody Morgan

9th January 2018

I joined MPCT on the 27/6/16, I joined because I was determined to get into the military and this seemed the best option for my potential career.

MPCT was the best thing I had ever done in my life so far, it has improved my physical ability and mental courage to move forward in difficult situations. I have learnt a phenomenal amount about the military whilst being at this college and I think it has guided me onto the right path for success in my chosen career. MPCT supported every move I would choose and would advise me on what was best or right for my chosen career. MPCT taught you the army’s core values and enforced them throughout every day. MPCT has helped me achieve my goals to getting into the parachute regiment.

I am now leaving MPCT as I have been enlisted into the Army (Parachute Regiment) and start training on the 25/09/2016 at AFC Harrogate.


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