Lewis Dickens

9th January 2018

Mr Dickens passed selection with an A Grade and will be joining the Royal Armoured Corps in March 2016. Mr Dickens joined the course on 16th July 2015. During his time on the course he has achieved a level two in employability and achieved a level 2 in application of number. Mr Dickens arrived at the college weighing fourteen stone. His concerns were that he would not be able to join the forces with the weight that he had. With the instruction from the staff at the college and through sheer determination Mr Dickens has lost two and a half stone. Mr Dickens says you can achieve your goals listen to good advice from the professionals that know. Achieve your goals and you will get to where you want to go. A big thank you to all staff at MPCT in pushing me in the right direction and I would recommend this course to anyone. The staff take you in and polish you up to be that better person.

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