Lloyd Hopton

9th January 2018

I’m Lloyd Hopton, I joined MPCT in June 2015, I joined after completing a year at Gloucester College I was not ready to joining the Royal Marines straight after school, I then joined MPCT the year it opened in Gloucester. I wanted to join to improve my physical ability, having ding so at the same time I have got many qualifications such as public services level 2 and level 1 functional skills English.

I was never too good at fitness but as I joined MPCT I have gained the confidence and managed to find my full potential. Staff Grillo has always pushed me to my full potential on PT which I now thank him for and Staff Trewinnard has taught me many military skills such as cam and concealment that I never knew a thing about before. The best bit about the college was being able to meet new people that will now be friends for life, going on the look of life course gave me an in site training and made we want it even more, that wouldn’t be possible without MPCT and the staff.

I am due to start training to the 3rd of October 2016.

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