Rhys Collison

9th January 2018

Mr Collison joined MPCT Rhymney in September 2014 after being refused entry to the Armed Forces due to his Body Mass Index. Mr Collison was told he had to lose a minimum of three stone to be eligible for British Army selection which is exactly what he did with the help of MPCT. Mr Collison demonstrated excellent core values such as robustness, dedication, and pride by sticking to his strict diet and pushing himself on the challenging physical training sessions.

After completing the initial 26 week engagement class Mr Collison was progressed onto the B-Tec Level one course where he would study public services, application of number and communications qualifications. Mr Collison continuously performed to a high standard being particularly noted for his strong work ethic, selfless approach and very positive attitude. Mr Collison has now achieved his goal of entry into the Royal Logistics Core and is doing very well indeed.

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