Tom Appleton

9th January 2018

When I first joined the college I was nervous due to the fitness levels and lack of knowledge about the armed forces but with some extremely helpful instructors I was able to learn all about my chosen career path and with Staff Grillo’s help was able to improve my fitness a lot.

The morale in college was amazing, during PT when everyone was tired how they all encourage each other along with staff helping to encourage us all as well. Being at a college that’s all so friendly and close was an amazing experience, knowing if I ever felt low the lads were always there and making everyone laugh. The employability skills I learned in college about further employment have helped me greatly and I have now moved onto a further employment after college.

I have my PRMC retry on the 6th of December due to a previous failure on the 6th of September and I wouldn’t have been able to get to this stage without the help of MPCT and the Staff.

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