James Rock

Joined 2020

James had the privilege of enrolling at the Army foundation college which taught vocational and military driven education in 2005 aged 16 .

In 2006 James graduated and posted to Knightsbridge.

James served 12 years in the Household Cavalry Regiment specifically the Blues and Royals Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. James completed SCBC (section commanders battle course ) and P company after Ceremonial duties as a Lance Corporal of horse in the Blues and Royals covering all State occasions; for example State visits, the State opening of Parliament, The Queens Birthday Parade ( Trooping the Colour ) no fewer than on six occasions.

James also experienced the armoured division at Windsor in D Squadron linked to special services where he completed a seven month tour of Afghanistan herrick 13.

Throughout his military career he has delivered training,coaching and counselling through the class room ,on the Job and in the field to a wide and varied audience

James was the captain of the regiment football team and completed a three week Rugby tour in Australia, he enjoys all sports and having left the military James now plays football for his local team.
In 2017 James successfully completed the London marathon.

James’s passion is learning new things and coaching and influencing others to achieve beyond there expectations and continually beat there best. James holds high expectations in fitness, health and well-being.