Russell Davey

Russell joined MPCT Aldershot as an instructor in September 2020, bringing with him a wealth of experience as well as a great passion and excitement for the role.

After joining the British Army in 2001, Russell served 8 years both in the infantry and the Royal Artillery. These roles gained him operational experience in Iraq, Kuwait, The Falkland Islands, Cyprus, Germany, Poland, Norway to name a few. In addition to his service, Russell has represented his regiment through boxing, corps teams in Rugby union as well as playing in the Army academy squads.

After finishing active duty in the Army, Russell became an Army reservist and still is to this day. This has allowed him to maintain his military skills and apply them to day to day life. The military has been invaluable in making Russell who he is today.

In the time since leaving active duty, Russell has trained to be a Personal Trainer which has lead Russell to achieve some outstanding life changing feats for the diverse range of people he had the privilege to work with.

Russell’s qualifications and skill set through the fitness industry range from diplomas in biomechanics, physiology and anatomy. He is a qualified nutritionist with strong understanding of human behaviour surrounding diet, lifestyle and exercise.