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Our courses are designed to develop the skills needed to start a journey towards a rewarding career in the British Armed Forces or to progress on to further education or training.

Our curriculum covers a wide variety of skills development, including public speaking. The skills and confidence needed are gained through the practice of preparing and delivering ice-breakers and presentations. You will always have your peers and your Instructor supporting you every step of the way as your confidence builds.

The courses differ slightly between England and Wales, but you can check out which ones are right for you below. All students are assessed on an individual level before joining the college to make sure you start on the right course. If you are between 16-19 you can join one of our colleges. For more information on this, call 0330 111 3939.

BTEC Level 2 in Workskills

The BTEC Level 2 in Workskills qualification will help you develop the skills and attitudes valued by employers in any sector or industry. You can progress through different levels of the qualification. These include the Award, Certificate, Extended Certificate and Diploma in Workskills.

The aim of the course is to prepare you for employment. Getting a job is just the first step, we also focus on giving you the tools to succeed and advance in your role or future career.

During the course you will develop your confidence, fitness, health and ability to work within a team. You will gain the skills and knowledge required to progress to employment, further study or an apprenticeship.

You will cover the following BTEC Level 2 Workskills units:

Health and Safety at Work

Personal Behaviour for Success

Supporting Employability and Personal Effectiveness

Developing Your CV

Applying for Jobs

Preparing for the Recruitment Process

Career Progression

Managing Your Own Money

Developing Resilience for Work

Solving Work-related Problems

Working in a Team

Developing Personal Skills for Leadership

Practising Leadership Skills with Others

Qualities and Transferable Skills for Work

Reviewing and Improving Own Performance

Improving Health and Fitness for Entry into the Uniformed Public Services

Exploring the Impact of Diversity in our Community

Healthy Lifestyles

Managing Risk in Relation to Personal Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Level 2 Employability Skills

As part of the induction process, you will work towards an Introductory Award in Employability Skills. Once completed, the unit: Healthy Living will provide the underpinning knowledge to adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle, exploring the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, while setting goals and developing a plan to achieve these.