At the Military Preparation College, you can enrol on a full-time or part-time course so you can work alongside your education and training. Our courses are designed to give all students the skills needed to start their journey towards a rewarding career in the British Armed Forces or to progress on to further education or training.

At the college, students follow a weekly routine of activities and curriculum. This includes vocational and skills training, physical training, military training days and assessments

Our curriculum covers a wide variety of skills development, including public speaking. The skills and confidence needed are gained through the practice of preparing and delivering ice-breakers and presentations. You will always have your peers and your Instructor supporting you every step of the way as your confidence builds.

Problem-solving and leadership skills are essential in the Armed Forces and civilian employment. You will take part in a range of problem-solving activities both in the field, and in academic lessons. The ability to work effectively as a team member will be essential to your success. Leadership opportunities abound at the college, and we encourage all of our students to challenge themselves to be more than average.

The courses differ slightly between England and Wales, but you can check out which ones are right for you below. All students are assessed on an individual level before joining the college to make sure you start on the right course.

If you are between 19-23 you can join one of our colleges in England. In Wales you must start the course before your 19th birthday and you can’t join if you are 19 or over. Check out the Adult Provision eligibility criteria to see if you can join. To see which Military Preparation Colleges in England offer the course to over 19’s click here.