MPC Portsmouth Case Study | Mr Owen McGann

28th May 2018

Mr McGann joined MPC Portsmouth in September 2017 with a goal of joining the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineer. He had started his application prior to joining the college, but was struggling to meet the fitness requirements to gain entry. Whilst at the college, McGann not only reached the standards, but exceeded them and successfully passed PRNC.

During this selection process, McGann was selected as the class leader for his intake; testament to his maturity and bearing that has developed while at MPCT. McGann was fully committed to MPCT and took part in numerous events including the recent Battlefield Tour.

He has now left MPCT, having been given a start date of June 18, but while he was on programme he demonstrated all the attributes to succeed in his Naval basic training and has the potential to go on to a successful career.

We look forward to welcoming Mr McGann back to hear all about his new experiences.

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