MPCT 12 Days of Christmas Core Values: Day 2 Winner

4th December 2018

Today’s MPCT 12 Days of Christmas Winner is Learner Teagan Landeg of Military Preparation College Bridgend. Miss Landeg impressed members of the Marketing Team from Head Office on a recent visit to MPC Bridgend during one of their many physical challenges for charity, so it came as no surprise when she was nominated for the Core Value of Empathy by MPC Bridgend’s Centre Manager Steve Tallis.

Teagan Landeg has shown empathy on many occasions at the college. During our most recent charity work with Dreams and Wishes Miss Landeg particularly empathised with a guest speaker from the charity which inspired her to complete a 50km running challenge with the college. Her empathy pushed her on during a difficult event and in turn she inspired others.

Congratulations Miss Landeg, keep inspiring others!

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