MPCT’s 12-Mile Log Run: Ukraine UN‪ICEF Appeal

MPCT learners have begun training for a 12-mile log run which they will complete in aid of the millions of children and families affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

As conflict continues to escalate in Ukraine, millions of children and their families are in danger.

The whole child population of Ukraine, 7.5 million children, is now at risk as the conflict continues to escalate. With explosions in major cities across the country and thousands of families being forced to flee their homes, UNICEF is calling for an immediate ceasefire.
Homes, schools, water supplies and hospitals have been damaged or destroyed. Children have been separated from their families and hundreds of thousands of people have been left without safe water, electricity or water. Explosives including landmines are a daily threat to children’s lives.

Please donate to help protect children in Ukraine.

MPCT learners have chosen to donate all funds raised from this event to the UNICEF appeal, contributing towards their tireless efforts to deliver aid to as many children as possible.

This event will create healthy competition between each of our five regions to see who can raise the most money. Each college will conduct their challenging 12-mile log run on Wednesday 6th April, so click your chosen region below and donate to this worthy cause!

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