“Mr Stephenson has a strong work ethic and will be a remarkable soldier”

14th June 2019

Mr Stephenson came to the college already with a start date for basic training but had been held back by the career’s office the previous year. He was recommended to MPCT by AFCO Newcastle to keep him on track and make sure he had the best possible start to his basic training. Cole was an exemplary student whilst at college and always gave 110%. He knew exactly what he wanted and how to achieve it and all Staff were happy to provide support and guidance to make sure he stayed on track and was fully prepared to start AFC Harrogate in March 2019. Mr Stephenson has a strong work ethic and will be a remarkable soldier and future leader and I look forward to seeing him more during his leave periods to help engage and motivate fellow MPCT learners to achieve their goals.

Military Preparation College South Shield’s Centre Manager, Richard Harnott.

Pte Cole Stephenson returned to MPCT South Shields a few weeks ago to tell the college about life at AFC Harrogate and even carried out an inspection. He is very complimentary about his time at MPCT South Shields after he was referred to us by the Armed Forces Careers Office in Newcastle;

I joined MPCT South Shields on the 30th Nov 2018, the reason I joined MPCT South Shields is because I wanted to improve my overall fitness for when I joined the Army as a Coldstream Guardsman. What I most like about the course is the teamwork and the Staff as they are willing to help and support all students in order to achieve our goals. My biggest achievement so far on the course was passing all my fitness tests to above the required standard I needed for basic training. I joined MPCT South Shields because I wanted to be pushed and motivated whilst waiting to start basic training and not sit at home not doing anything because I knew if I did I would more than likely struggle with fitness at Harrogate. 

Congratulations Pte Stephenson, we look forward to watching the rest of your journey and wish you all the best.





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