Our very own Til Sambahangphe is about to tackle the Great Wall of China Marathon

21st February 2018


Great Wall of China Marathon

On 1st May 2018 Military Preparation College Aldershot instructor Tilbikram Sambahangphe will be running the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon, widely considered one of the world’s most challenging marathons (26.2miles). He will be taking part to raise money for the Motivation and Learning Trust. This will be his 4th Full Marathon and possesses the experience of running more than 40 Half Marathons.

Mr Til commented:

“It’s a huge task, both physically and mentally, but I am prepared and ready to take on this challenge.”

The marathons aim is to raise a minimum of £2000 for the Motivation and Learning Trust so any contributions to this target, big or small will be much appreciated.

The Motivation and Learning Trust (MLT) was set up to support young people in MPCT who are in need of assistance throughout their learning and education journey. MLT take a proactive role in enhancing life chances for young people, to help improve opportunities for their futures.


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