Alister Noble

Joined 2021

I previously served 5 years in the 1st Battalion Irish Guards. During this period of my life I had the honour of taking part in Her Majesty’s Birthday Parade, “The Trooping of the Colour”. When not on ceremonial duties, I spent time abroad in places such as Latvia, The Falklands and Thailand, developing my skills as an Infantry Soldier.

After hanging up my boots, I pursued my dream of travelling around America. Whilst there, I also worked in summer camps with young people. I made some amazing memories and really enjoyed the backpacking lifestyle.

Since returning to England, I have spent the past few years working in a residential children’s home for young people suffering with mental health issues. I have found this line of work to be very rewarding.

I play football as a hobby, which I do up to three times a week when time permits. At football, I enjoy playing in a centre-forward position and scoring goals into the top right-hand corner like a postage stamp.

I am looking forward to starting with MPCT and guiding the next generation onto an illustrious path in their chosen service.