Anja Von Moltke

Joined 2020

I joined the Army in 2009 after attending the MPC college in Brighton. It was one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences I have ever gone through. It taught me the importance of teamwork and independence and made me realise that I can do anything I set my mind too.

When I left the Army I did it with a new found love for health and fitness therefore I decided to complete my personal training diploma through European Institute of Fitness in 2012. In 2015 I competed in a bodybuilding competition whereby I met my husband who also has a passion for fitness and always pushes me to become stronger and more confident.

I love outdoor events such as mountain biking, hiking, rowing, swimming and recently became a CrossFit fanatic. I thoroughly enjoy obstacle courses and being challenged physically and mentally. I enjoy helping people grow and discover their own strengths and weaknesses as I also discovered mine.

I believe with continuous hard work and discipline you can overcome any obstacle life throws at you. Always believe in yourself and never stop speaking your dreams into existence.