Ashley Bray

Joined 2020

Ashley joined MPCT as a training instructor this month September 1st 2020 , he come to the company with military teaching qualifications and a level 3 in management.

Ashley joined the army in 2002 The 1st battalion the queens Lancashire regiment, which then became the duke of Lancaster’s regiment in June 2006, after completing his 12 years he thought it time to leave and try to find a new path in life.
While serving in the armed forces Ashley had the privilege of serving exercises around the world from, Canada, Kenya, America, many parts of Europe and also Cyprus, also he deployed to countless operational tours from afghan, Iraq and Africa.

In the army Ashley got to the rank of CPL but was acting sergeant for his company due to redundancy’s going ahead.
In his role Ashley had to look after and support 35+ men under his command , from administration to teaching of new tactics and weapon systems.
Ashley was one of 4 CPL’s to be chosen to teach on the battalion NCO cadre to make private soldiers in LCPL’s.

After leaving the military Ashley worked on the railway doing overhead power lines and gained a level 3 diploma in engineering.
Like the military you had to use on the job knowledge, knowing that the job could change and have to come up with a plan on the spot.

Ashley is currently married to Elaine a partner now of 7 years with a son of 4 who is just about to start primary school for the first time, they are also expecting another little boy in January of 2021.