Karl Bartlett

Joined 2021

As the child of a military family, I grew up all over the world, however, I think of Nottingham as my home having spent more time there than anywhere else and I am extremely excited to finally return, as a Skills Instructor at the MPTC in Nottingham, after a 30 year absence.

I have had an exciting and varied career beginning when I joined the British Army (The Royal Corps of Signals) at the age of 18 where I trained as a telecommunications operator and then served in the UK, Europe and on operations in the Balkans.

I served for 5 years in the regular Army, and on leaving I continued my military career in the TA (33 Sig Regt (V) again as a telecommunications operator and later as the regimental recruiting Sergeant in Manchester and Liverpool until 2008. Then, due to the reorganisation of the TA I served a further 2 years (TA) at the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC) in Colchester until 2010.

I have also worked as a prison officer, working with young offenders. After 9 years of working in a variety of different positions within the jail, the final one being in the education department, I decided to leave and go to university.

After completing my History and Education degree, I worked and taught for several training companies specialising in apprenticeships, maths and English, whilst also studying to teach. On completion of my training, I decided I needed a new adventure and left with my family to teach abroad.

I taught in Bulgaria, Qatar, Egypt and finally Romania before returning home in 2020. Whilst teaching abroad I gained valuable teaching, cultural, religious and social skills which have added to values that the Army had taught me.

All my experiences have shown me that as a teacher I need to be everything to my students. I need to be a role model, supportive, positive, constructive, reflective and understanding. Therefore, I always strive to ensure that my professional philosophy encapsulates this.

I am married, have 1 child (another on the way) and a lunatic Cocker Spaniel who all love nothing more than being outside in any weather!