Ben Nodwell

Joined 2020

Ben joined the Royal Engineers in the British Army 6 months after finishing his studies in college at the age of 19. Every male in Ben’s family had previously served or was currently serving at the time he joined, so it was always a passion of his to join. Ben spent most of his career as a military PTI, following an interest of physical activity that he always had.

Ben had a love for sport, particularly Rugby, which he also continued when joining the forces. Along with going around the world for his job, Ben was also fortunate enough to travel the world representing his corps and Army U23’s in rugby. He also gained mountaineering qualifications and other adventure training experiences which also took him around the world and more specifically the Alps.

In Ben’s career he had always wanted to be a PTI and it was the job he most enjoyed doing. So, Ben decided to develop himself further in the industry, getting qualifications like level 3 PT, Strength and Conditioning qualifications, then starting a university degree and studying Sport and Exercise Science. Ben always had a passion for teaching, leading him now to be involved with a job that allows him to do both the things he enjoys.

In his time at MPCT he hopes to improve himself in qualifications but more importantly develop his skills in all aspects and establish himself as a instructor in the company.