Bernard McGivern

Joined 2019

Originally joining the Army at the age of Sixteen and Enlisted into the Infantry (Kings Regiment) serving in The Falkland Islands, Northern Ireland and Berlin. Bernard was successful in completing his PTI’s Course and served as the Battalions PTI for Two Years.

Bernard left the Army after serving five Years and became a Prison Officer, but after two years in a Young Offenders Institute, he still felt a part of him was missing out on the Military.

He then enlisted into the Royal Marine Commandos and served for his full 22 Years, getting to the Rank of Colour Sergeant and Qualifying as an Instructor Class 1.

Bernard served 4 drafts and carried out 5 Operational Tours of Duty with 45 Commando, as well as a draft with 30 Commando. He also served 3 Drafts at the Commando Training Center as a Recruit Instructor finally finishing as the Chief Instructor at the Foundation Center Lympstone as his final Draft.

Bernard was also lucky to have spent two years as a Weapons Instructor with the Royal Navy at HMS Sultan, training the Phase 2 Recruits and he also had the pleasure of serving with the Royal Marine Reserves as the Phase 1 PSI at Anzio House; where he started his career with MPCT.

Since leaving the Royal Marines, Bernard has had various jobs in different positions gaining valuable Civilian experience; in particular working with Children as a Captain in the Reserve Forces and Cadet Association for a couple of Years.